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Advanced Command Line PDF Stamper is a scriptable .exe utility that automates stamping of PDF documents with single-line or multiple-line verbiage. The application, aclpdfstamp.exe, has no graphical user interface, automatically locates all PDF documents in the input directory and its subdirectories, duplicates input subdirectories in output directory, allows assignment of stamp verbiage, stamp location, stamp font, stamp font color, stamp font size and specific point X and Y coordinates. The Advanced Command Line PDF Stamper installer includes a helper application, aclpdfstamphelper.exe, that provides graphical user interface for generation of script and batch files to be used with aclpdfstamp.exe. Download sample stamped PDF text document and PDF image document. View user guide (PDF).


 "C:\Program Files\AdvancedReliableSoftware\AdvancedCommandLinePdfStamper\aclpdfstamp.exe" 
 <mode> <input directory that contains PDF documents> <output directory> 
 <stamp above or beneath content> <stamp verbiage> <stamp location> <stamp font name> 
 <stamp font color> <stamp font size> <bold stamp font> <italic stamp font> 
 <optional specific point X-coordinate> <optional specific point Y-coordinate>

-h   Displays command syntax.
-s   Stamps output PDF documents.

<input directory that contains PDF documents>
Application will attempt to perform work on each PDF document found in the input directory 
and its subdirectories. All input PDF files will remain in their original condition.

<output directory>
Output directory for the stamped PDF files.

<stamp above or beneath content>
1 = Stamp above existing content. 2 = Stamp beneath existing content. Refers to z-dimension.

<stamp verbiage>
Stamp verbiage e.g. "All Rights Reserved". Enclose in quotes. 
Use \n to force new line in PDF stamp.

<stamp location>
1 = Top Left. 2 = Top Center. 3 = Center Left. 4 = Center. 5 = Bottom Left. 
6 = Bottom Center. 7 = Specific Point. 

<stamp font name>
Stamp font name e.g. "Arial". Enclose in quotes.

<stamp font color>
32-bit ARGB stamp font color. Use helper GUI application to generate 32-bit ARGB value for 
your color.

<stamp font size>
Stamp font size e.g. 12.

<bold stamp font>
1 = Yes. 2 = No. 

<italic stamp font>
1 = Yes. 2 = No. 

<optional specific point X-coordinate>
X-coordinate for Specific Point stamp location.

<optional specific point Y-coordinate>
Y-coordinate for Specific Point stamp location.

"C:\Program Files\AdvancedReliableSoftware\AdvancedCommandLinePdfStamper\aclpdfstamp.exe" 
-s "C:\Input" "C:\Output" 1 "Confidential\nInformation" 4 "Times New Roman" -65536 24 1 1 0 0

"C:\Program Files\AdvancedReliableSoftware\AdvancedCommandLinePdfStamper\aclpdfstamp.exe" 
-s "C:\Input" "C:\Output" 1 "Confidential\nInformation" 7 "Arial" -16777216 24 1 1 50 150

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